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Looking for a realistic method for shipping cars around your layout using a switchlist?  No cards?  Look no further than Interchange.

Interchange is a leap forward in computerized car routing. This system is based not on sessions, but on the date you are modeling. You can run as many trains as you want, or not at all, for any given date. This program works by setting up shipments between an origin and destination, based upon date, days or season frequency and many more opitions. Ship to other layouts running this software. Linked layouts do not have to be the same scale! 

Works in any one of three modes: 

  • Simple Layout Management 
    (freeware, limited functionality, waybills only)

  • Relative Layout Management 
    (full functionality, does not use specific car numbers)

  • Absolute Layout Management 
    (full functionality, requires car numbers)

Some Feature Highlights:  

     Realistic shipment of goods, including:
Unlimited number and complexity of shipments
Unlimited shipments to industries on different routes or branch lines
Tag unit trains to a specific shipment
Create one-time shipments at any time
Perform through freight shipments between any two yards
View shipments from many angles to find those industries missing shipments
View shipments as a flow from industry to industry, so as to maintain consistency of shipments
Run extra trains to relocate full or empty cars to any required location
Easy-to-read Switchlist Sheets that show where cars are to be picked up and dropped off
Local switchlists for local locomotives preceding incoming trains.
Standard-sized waybills for each car moved
Unable to place a car because an industry is full?  Then place the car anywhere you want. 
   The next train will have that car in its Switchlist.
Both Industry and Passing sidings can be in either scale feet or number of cars
Exchange shipments with other layouts running this software.
Import and export database to ACSII file format.  

      Allows for a fiddle yard and an unlimited number of staging yards.

      Event Logging, including:
Tracking history of movements for every car and locomotive
Tracking the number of shipments going in and out for every industry
Tracking the number and last date of each shipment
Logging your own maintenance history for rolling stock and locomotives

       Prototype and simulate activity for any historical date.  Move that date forward in one of three methods:  In sync with actual time (date moves forward for each day in real time), increase the date every time the app fires up (new day for each startup on a new real day), or increase the date manually.  Regardless of the default date advance, you can advance the date manually at any time.

       Generate many reports on the status of your layout

       Create realistic, deployable schedules for your trains

        Reset your layout to start over at any time

       Includes Yard Track Classification!  Once set by the following:
      By destination industry
By car type
By next train
By town 
The swtichlist will display the track in the yard where the car is to be placed.


.... and much much more.  Read the On-Line Documentation for full description of software functionality

Realism of shipments will be limited by your imagination only!


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