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Latest Program Updates

Changes to 1.10.089, EXE Update Only 26-Dec-2006

  • Added ability to delete log entries from a selected date, in the options form

  • added checking if a car is to go forward to another route, if so, it is not selected to be sent back to the trains terminating yard.

Changes to 1.10.090, EXE Update Only 8-Jan-2007

  • Reversed checking car from 089.  Conflicted with other movements.

Changes to 1.10.091, EXE Update Only 10-Jan-2007

  • Modification to fix an occasional bug in selecting empty cars for shipment assignment.

Changes to 1.10.092, EXE Update Only 11-Jan-2007

  • Fixed an issue with Return Home Empty cars not being selected for trains

Changes to 1.10.093, EXE Update Only 12-Jan-2007

  • Minor changes in the Shipment form for editing shipments from lists

Changes to 1.10.094, EXE Update Only 13-Jan-2007

  • Fixes and enhancements to Yard Classification form

Changes to 1.10.095, EXE Update Only 24-Jan-2007

  • Fix to orphaned yards when applying reset due to yards that have been deleted

  • Fix to Yard/train matrix when route changed

Changes to 1.10.096, EXE Update Only 25-Jan-2007

  • Fix to empty transfer sitting in an industry to another industry

Changes to 1.10.099, EXE Update Only 06-Mar-2007 (no 97, or 98)

  • Fixed some display problems on switchlists for some conditions

Changes to 1.11.004, EXE Update Only 27-Jul-2007 (Last one was 1.10.099)

  • Fixed some problems with lost cars display

  • Fixed problem with assignment of cars in size restriction mode

  • ** NEW **  When selecting a train to run you can now see all the cars on that route before you select Make Train.

Changes to 1.11.006, EXE Update Only 3-Oct-2007 (Last one was 1.10.004)

  • Added Notes field to Equipment Location list

Changes to 1.11.008, EXE Update Only 3-Oct-2007 (Last one was 1.10.006)

  • Some fixes to the switchlist display for yard tracks

Changes to 1.11.009, EXE Update Only 23-Feb-2009

  • Fix to a bug found in terminating trains


If you have any problems with fixes or updates then drop me a line at