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Product Description

Version 1.10.035 for Windows 9x, NT, 2000

The ultimate simulation for replacing your card system to ship goods around your layout.  


But it is a serious tool for simulating realistic shipments between your industries,
or industries on another layout.  

I write business database software for small to medium companies, and by far this was the most taxing, most complicated program I have written yet.  You will all have years of enjoyment with this program.  It will add one more layer of realism to your own creation!

You enter in the towns, yards, industries, routes and trains that exist on your layout.  Then you can create shipments to move goods around.  Once the shipments are all in you simply pick a train to run and the program will tell you which cars to move where on an easy to read switch list.  You can also print out a waybill (similar to your card system).

You can also ship to off the layout or have shipments come from off the layout, including shipments to other's layouts running this software!.  The program will even support shipments to industries on branch lines, spotting the cars at the appropriate interchange yard!   You can also create unit trains.  Once you have decided on a date to simulate, shipments can be run with the following frequencies: 

Scheduled You can make shipments happen daily, weekly, monthly and even seasonally
Unscheduled Making a shipment random and the program will pick when to run the shipment
One Time Make a one time shipment of goods that will never happen again.

Create cascading shipments with ease.  Imagine a shipment from a cattle ramp, which ships to a slaughter house in another town, on a different route.  From there, this slaughter house ships meats to a packing plant off your layout, but also ships raw leather to a tannery way up on a branch line.  That tannery gets chemicals from another factory and in turn ships leather goods to the textile plant in another town.  And so on as deep as you wish.  The program has a simple way of showing you that flow of goods from industry to industry to industry.

The program also logs the movement of every car.  You will see where each car has been, the load it was carrying and when it moved.  You can also track the movement of your locomotives.  

The program also tracks any maintenance you decide to enter for all rolling stock and locomotives.

The program comes with a complete demo using the Canadian Pacific Railways Bruce Subdivision from the mid 1950's.  With three branch lines, one small harbour and many industries in many towns, you will get to see a wide array of shipments and how they work.

To ease in the first time use of the program there a full featured help file with lots of examples and graphics explaining how to use the program efficiently.  There is also a Step by Step start up option, walks you through the data entry process, asking pertinent questions to get shipments moving around your layout.

This program is perfect for the small layout, and the big club layouts too.  Size is no limit! 

Three modes of operation:

Simple Dispatch Management.
No switch lists, just waybills, does not track car numbers, restricted features, freeware

Relative Dispatch Management
Switch lists, full features available, does not track car numbers

Absolute Dispatch Management
 full features, tracks all car movements by car number

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