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Known Problems and Bugs

This list will no doubt change considerably over time.  Hopefully with the ultimate goal of elimination of this list.  Interchange was programmed and tested for more than 3 years.  All effort was utilized to try and ensure that everything is working as it should.  But as we all know bugs still figure out a way to get out into the program.  These bugs will be fixed and fixes posted asap.

Here is a list of known bugs so far

Bug Found By
When you create a train then cancel it, you MAY experience an error when you run another train right away.  This one has been a persistent problem for some time, and efforts to fix have been elusive since a cause has not be found.  The program errors out at different places, for different reasons, if at all.  Tests and alterations have not found the cause.  The only work around at this time is to terminate the program  then run it again.  A while back JRW