Kosmo was our first parrot, we got her at 8 months of age.  We lost her in the summer of 2004, she was barely 2.  This is dedicated to her memory.

There is no doubt that Quakers make the best parrot pet.  Intelligence, independent, comical, very affectionate.  Before too long she started to say Peek-a-boo when you placed your hand on her head.  She followed us everywhere, even staying on our shoulders when we took the dogs for a walk, not leaving at all.  Her wings were clipped, but should could fly10-12 feet to get on you.

Intelligent is an understatement.  We also have finches in flight cages built together from stock finch cages.  One day I found Kosmo in with the White&Black Mannikins, much to their dislike, feeding on the seeds.  I had to watch to see how she did it.  She simply lifted the doors with her beak, held it open with one foot and slipped in.   So I put cloths pegs on all the doors, figuring I'd solved the problem.  Nope.  I came home one day to find all the cloths pegs on the floor and Kosmo feasting on the seeds.  How???  So I watched.  She systematically went to each peg, placed her open mouth over the peg and squeezed until it become free and dropped it on the floor.  Unbelievable!   Next test, I used the garbage bag ties to twist into the doors.  Next day, they too were all on the floor.  She figured out that pulling on the loop would pull them free.  I eventually solved the problem by placing finch seed in her cage.

Once Murdock arrived, she immediately picked up on his words, saying his name!

One day I arrived from home and could not find her.  The back sliding door was open (One of our dogs knows how to open it).  She was obviously gone.  Extremely heartbreaking.

Here are some of the few pics of Kosmo we have.

Sunning in the Apple tree
Spent hours watching the fish, them watching her.
"How do they fly with no wings?"

Hiding in the Crabapple blossoms
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